Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When to Take Away Granny’s Keys

If your ungrateful spores are trying to take away your car keys, don’t let them! Here are 10 tips to help you  stay in the driver’s seat longer:

1. Do not take unnecessary trips. Map out your errands before you leave home. Cluster errands around one area to avoid driving back and forth across town.
2. Avoid rush hour traffic whenever possible- if you’re retired, why deal with it?
3. Plan to drive during daylight hours only. Don’t risk poor visibility and fatigue.
4. Delay or change travel plans during bad weather. It’s better to arrive late than to crash.
5. Choose routes that are well marked- remember landmarks and exits that can help you navigate.
6. Plan your route to avoid as many left turns as possible- seriously. Going a few blocks out of your way to make a right turn is perfectly ok.
7. Buckle up, turn on your headlights, and adjust your seat and mirrors before you drive off.
8. Don’t drive too fast- or too slow. If you must drive more slowly than the flow of traffic, stay in the right lane.
9. Plan on taking a break every 90 minutes. Get out of your vehicle and stretch or walk.
10. Park in spaces that have easy access and good visibility. It is better to walk a little farther than to crunch fenders.

Information for this article was provided courtesy of the California Department of Insurance.
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